Dr. John Velyvis - Precision Robotic Orthopedic(PRO) Surgical Institute
Dr. John Velyvis - Precision Robotic Orthopedic(PRO) Surgical Institute

Patient Testimonials

Here are a few statements from our patients about their experience.

  • “Think about it. I was in surgery and the recovery area between noon and 4 pm. Then I was standing in line at CVS at 6. Really? Just a few short years ago this would not have been possible.”

    By - A.E
  • “John, thank you for your skill and talent.”

    By - V.C
  • “Next week I will be celebrating the second anniversary of my new pain free mobile life of my left knee and then 5 weeks later I will be doing the same for my right knee. Prior to your successful operation on both of my knees, it hurt to walk barefoot, I avoided walking up or down hills, my knees were bowlegged 6-8 inches, after sitting at a movie when I stood up I had to wait 20 – 30 seconds before taking my first step and then I balanced myself by holding on to seats for my first several steps. When I played golf once or twice a week I used my putter and sand wedge as canes when I got out of the golf cart walking to the putting green. I told people my knees were 72 years old but the were responding as if they were 92 years old.

    Today, I can go barefoot and walk in a 5k event if I wanted to, my knees at less than an inch apart when standing straight up, after sitting in a movie, just stand up and start walking, no balancing, when approaching the putting green I take just one club, my putter, and I don’t use it as a cane and I can now walk or run up and down hills. Now I tell people my knees are 74 years old and are responding as if they were 44 years old.

    Your surgery on my knees was a huge success, a truly life changing event. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a new life. Should you wish to share my experience with potential patients I would welcome the opportunity to inform them of your extremely successful operation of my new knees and new life. I played 150 rounds of golf last year.”

    By - C.R
  • “Needless to say, I’m very pleased with both of my knee replacements performed by you…I am able to golf, fly fish, hike, bike and thoroughly enjoy my new knees. I’m a 75 yr. old guy with a 30 year old’s knees.”

    By - A.W
  • “You have a knack for communicating…You answered all of her questions…And the important thing for her was that you ‘listened’ to her. Your advice was also very good.”

    By - E.S
  • “Just thought I should drop you a note to tell you that my new knees that you implanted into both of my legs three and half years ago are doing just great!!!!

    Played golf last week with someone who had a different surgeon do just one of his knees. He is not happy. His recovery has been slow, painful and occasionally his knee swells up. When I told how well my recovery went and how my life has improved because of no pain and more mobility, he wishes you were his surgeon.”

    By - B.B
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